Canada’s Best Team of Health Care Consultants

Canadian Epidemiology Services is an experienced health care consulting firm with three areas of focus:  Health Human Resources Planning; Health Program Evaluations, and Health Care Team Effectiveness Evaluations.

We bring together the Best of Canada’s experienced Epidemiologists to offer a wide variety of healthcare solutions and medical services to governments, communities and facilities across Canada and around the world.

The principal contact is Dr. Robert John Alder.  Dr. Rob Alder (MMedSc, PhD) is an Epidemiologist, an Associate Professor at the University of Western Ontario, and the Executive Director of Canadian Epidemiology Services. For the first eight years of his career Rob was the public health epidemiologist for London, Ontario, Canada, with a research focus on using population health status profiles and trends for program planning. 

During the subsequent six years he served as the Chair and CEO of the Ontario’s Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council (HPRAC).  HPRAC reports directly to the Minister of Health and Long Term Care through the Chair. In his capacity as Chair of HPRAC, Rob provided leadership to a team of staff, legal counsel and retained consultants. This team worked on numerous regulatory projects from evaluation of the complaints and discipline processes and the quality assurance programs in each of Ontario’s 23 health profession regulatory colleges to a major review of the effectiveness of Ontario’s Regulated Health Professions Act.

Subsequent to HPRAC Rob was the Director of Health Services Consulting at MedEmerg, and served as project manager on all of MedEmerg’s large consulting projects. He managed an evaluation of the primary health care renewal initiative in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, and managed an evaluation of the integration of nurse practitioners and physician assistants in the emergency departments of six Ontario hospitals. He has also managed several needs-based health human resources (HHR) planning projects across Canada as well as in Jamaica and Brazil. These involve time-series projections on population health status indicators of HHR needs and testing policy options for meeting those needs.

Rob has extensive experience in the collection, handling, analysis and reporting of quantitative and qualitative data for community health status and needs assessment.  He is also proficient in the application of the program logic model and outcomes mapping framework for program design, establishment of program performance measures, and program evaluation.

Rob is currently a member of the WHO Collaborating Center for Health Workforce Planning and Research. He has conducted health human resources (HHR) planning based on population health needs in six Canadian provinces and three countries. He has also developed the framework for the competency-based HHR plans for pandemic influenza in Ontario and Nova Scotia.